Nuvem Logic Ltd

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Honest and effective cloud discovery.

Nuvem Logic is built on the understanding that Microsoft Azure is unequalled in its ability to empower and grow businesses. It offers exceptional hybrid and public cloud opportunities and boasts the most comprehensive AI services available.

This, combined with the largest number of data centre regions worldwide, makes it an ideal choice for a business of any size and requirement.

Our workshops explain and identify just why and how this could be of benefit to your operation, concluding with a reasonable and effective plan of action for implementation and subsequent support.

One-day workshops.

Our workshops are compact and efficient and are concluded in one day.

Business requirements vary, with some workshops focusing on specific objectives such as the modernisation of applications for Azure SQL or Active Directory, and others orienting around more generic requirements such as disaster recovery and cybersecurity.

During your workshop, the following areas will be covered:

  • Achieving an understanding of your business and its infrastructure
  • Scoping identity and access requirements
  • Auditing existing application architecture
  • Identifying integration pain points and concerns
  • Scoping security and connectivity requirements
  • Proposal for required deployment technologies
  • Review and integration of existing roadmap streams into our proposal

Actionable final reports.

Your workshop will conclude with a full cloud discovery report from the Nuvem Logic team. This includes the following:

  • A summary of where your business is now – and where it wants to be
  • High-level recommendations of applications and services that should migrate to the cloud
  • A list of required infrastructure with which to support migration
  • Indicative costs for our recommended applications, services, and infrastructure
  • An outline of any further additional services, including indications of cost for ongoing support and integration