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Disasters don’t need to be disastrous.

Sometimes the worst-case happens, but it doesn’t have to sink your entire business when it does.

A flexible disaster recovery plan, combined with the fluidity of cloud infrastructure, allows your business to rapidly respond to and recover from an incident.

Minimise downtime: With a cloud IT solution, your business can avoid the damages associated with a long downtime following a disruptive incident. These damages are serious, commonly involving reputational damage, lost income, and disruption to ongoing daily operations and processes.

Recover your data: Cloud disaster recovery is something special. Instead of having to slowly access and restore data from physical locations, you have the option to stream your data from a full or hybrid cloud setup.

Protect your data: Your data, your choice. Easily recover physical, virtual or hosted machines in as little as a few clicks of a mouse.

Easy pricing: Our subscription-based services and solutions make payments transparent and can grow and shrink according to your business needs.

Centralised control: The cloud allows you to have one control centre from which to recover and view your business-critical data.

Save time: With easy reporting and automation options, your IT staff can spend their time responding to more valuable tickets and tasks.

Expect the best when the worst happens.

Backing up files has always been important for a business. It helps to insulate your operation from the loss – or theft – of data, ensuring your bottom line is never compromised. It’s vital, in short. Businesses need it.

The catch? In the modern world, companies find themselves working with increasingly diverse sets of data. Suddenly, the task of storing, securing and restoring this valuable asset becomes a challenge. What about scaling up or down? Is our system really reliable? Will it work amidst a larger incident?

Our backup & recovery service is simple, scalable and reliable.

Nuvem Logic combines with our data storage partners to make the process clear and easy – whatever the size of your business. We can also assist you in enhancing or replacing your current solution.

Working to your requirements, we’ll help you understand and cement key performance areas, such as:

  • Your ideal Recovery Time Objective
  • Your Recovery Point Objective
  • How to retain your data
  • Any compliance requirements

On-premise, cloud, hybrid and more; however you operate, we’ll design and deploy a solution to meet your needs.