Nuvem Logic Ltd

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A better workspace – anywhere.

Drawing on the benefits of the cloud, a Nuvem Logic hosted desktop solution empowers your staff to work faster, more responsively, and more reliably from any physical location and any capable device.

The same features. Better results.

With a Windows hosted desktop, your business will enjoy all the same functionality as a traditional computer. Hosted desktops are a step-change in IT infrastructure and hardware, allowing an individual to run any traditional PC application, including legacy and custom items.

Flexible subscriptions for real businesses.

You won’t always need the same from your IT solution every month, so why waste money on a rigid contract? With Nuvem Logic, your business can scale its subscription to shrink and grow according to your user requirements.

Your tailor-made IT infrastructure is an enquiry away, able to support your strategic initiatives securely and smoothly drive long-term value.