Nuvem Logic Ltd

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Robust IT infrastructure.

Nuvem draws on its decades of experience to provide resilient, effective hardware and software solutions. Cost-effective and easily managed, our IT infrastructure service enhances businesses and manages the complexities of their IT considerations and assets.

High-quality support.

A key aspect of our offering and value is the quality of our support. Nuvem employs engineers who are experienced, capable and empowered to provide rapid, appropriate support remotely and in person. Our experts are trained in virtualisation, network infrastructure, cybersecurity and much more.

Tailored service, excellent security.

 We tailor our support agreements and SLAs with every business we serve, ensuring that your unique requirements and risks are catered to comprehensively – without unwanted bloat and cost. With a keen eye towards cybersecurity, our service provides an excellent degree of protection intrusion and cyber-attacks.