Nuvem Logic Ltd

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The best licensing model for your business.

A key draw of the Nuvem Logic service is our subscription-based support and experience in tailoring a package to business requirements. By doing so, we are able to provide your company with everything we know it needs from the cloud – without inflating the final cost needlessly.

Expert infrastructure analysis.

We specialise in performing thorough analysis of infrastructure and existing applications. By taking more time and care than other businesses in this area, we ensure that when we send you our recommendation it is fair, effective, and lean.

The right licenses for your business.

It’s not uncommon for other IT service providers to misunderstand the requirements of their clients. This often results in the recommendation of inadequate licenses and services, causing no end of trouble when usage exceeds what is paid for.

We ensure this doesn’t happen. The applications and services your business will consume will be fully supported with appropriate licenses, be that via Enterprise, specific agreements, or direct procurement from the Microsoft CSP program.