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Work better – anywhere.

The backbone of businesses worldwide keeps getting better. Office 365 combines cloud capability and data storage with continuously improving software that is increasingly customisable to your brand.

The modern Office offering allows your staff and contractors to work remotely with zero sacrifices in functionality and productivity. Able to work across Android, iOS and Windows devices seamlessly, Office 365 applications are updated on a monthly basis to guarantee an enviable level of cybersecurity and practicality.

Best practice.

 The Microsoft 365 offering is extensive. This often leads to businesses poorly utilising all that is made available to them through the service – an issue that Nuvem solves with our deep understanding of the platform and its components.

Not all features and functionality available through Microsoft 365 will be relevant to your business. Much of it will, however, and it’s our decades of experience and deep familiarity with this excellent offering that lets us advise on what matters most to your daily operations.

Enterprise-grade device management and security.

Microsoft 365 is as well-suited to large businesses as it is smaller startups and sole traders. Featuring app protection for mobile Office apps, device management and reliable, continually updated security configuration, Microsoft does the hard work behind the scenes to enable your productivity and growth.

Further features, such as the protection of company data across various devices and the always-on, always updated Windows Defender, make the Microsoft 365 package an ideal single-stop solution for you IT software needs.

Nuvem offers our experience in integrating and upgrading your IT infrastructure and software to utilise and exploit the tremendous power of Microsoft 365. With our support and consultancy, your business will transition into an agile, cloud-supported way of working that leverages these excellent and secure tools.