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Work better – anywhere.

The backbone of businesses worldwide keeps getting better. Office 365 combines cloud capability and data storage with continuously improving software that is increasingly customisable to your brand.

The modern Office offering allows your staff and contractors to work remotely with zero sacrifices in functionality and productivity. Able to work across Android, iOS and Windows devices seamlessly, Office 365 applications are updated on a monthly basis to guarantee an enviable level of cybersecurity and practicality.

Recommendations from the experts 

Nuvem is deeply familiar with the extensive functionality and potential of Office 365. While the benefits of Office are far-reaching, the sheer range of software and the nuances involved in each can make it difficult for a business owner to fully utilise the tools available to them.

Our comprehensive knowledge of Office 365 features means we can suggest the right software for your business needs – and the best practice for using them.

From customised email branding and marketing materials to real-time collaboration and document versioning, there’s plenty to take advantage of. Teamwork has never been better, with Office 365 offering excellent cloud storage solutions and multi-party video, content and calendar sharing.

The Nuvem result? Fully utilised software that is safe, effective and powerful.