Nuvem Logic Ltd

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Made for modern business.

The new standard is a connected one. Productive businesses need access to critical data at any time, from any location – and on any device. Cybersecurity is a constant concern, requiring a file sharing solution that has business-class data security.

Nuvem Logic provides this. Through Citrix Sharefile and Content Collaboration, your team – and anyone they work with – can share, update and synchronise files on the go. Advanced workflows and easily tailored access levels make working transparent and easily adjusted to include access for contractors and outside individuals.


Here’s how it can work.

Connect to data from any location: With our service, companies can choose from on-site data hosting, cloud storage, or a hybrid cloud setup which uses both. Storage zone connectors allow your business to access their files regardless of where and how they are stored.

Secure your data, users, and devices: Insider threat and outside unauthorised access are two key issues in cybersecurity. These two areas alone are the cause of high-profile incidents in data leakage and non-compliance. Sharefile and Content Collaboration provide the convenience you need, without a sacrifice in robust security that is tailorable to different access level requirements.

Automate your workflows: Collaboration tools allow your staff to digitise and automate more of their recurring tasks and streamline feedback and approvals, unlocking potentially huge savings in man-hours and IT infrastructure use.

Mobile access for legacy storage: Legacy file servers need to be accessed quickly and easily. Our service connects you to your legacy data, allowing for full availability of your information without the need for a costly migration.